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Introducing The New Porter SILHOUETTE® Nasal Mask: It Will Change Your View Of Nitrous Oxide

The New Porter SILHOUETTE Low Profile, Disposable Nasal Mask And Breathing Circuit

The Porter SILHOUETTE nasal mask is a revolutionary new nitrous oxide nasal mask designed by a dentist for dentists. It eliminates the hassles many dentists associate with using nitrous oxide. The result is a compact and comfortable nasal mask that’s nearly invisible and creates a safe and predictable experience for both the dentist and the patient.

The Porter SILHOUETTE nasal mask’s unique design offers many advantages over traditional nasal hoods, including:

  • Unobstructed access to the oral cavity
  • A more predictable nitrous experience
  • Adhesive strip to secure the mask in place
  • Enhanced scavenging efficiency for reduced N2O exposure
  • Disposable mask and circuit for improved infection control
  • Four size options for a perfect fit on all patients