Business Management Solutions

Family operated since 1975 with a customer centric approach that has enabled us to be a leader in our region.

Managing your business processes is a full time job if you don’t have the proper resources working for you and your team. As a business owner the daily routine of providing excellent dental health care outweighs the our intentions to create business processes that work seamlessly in your practice. Our Business Management Solution Partnerships allow you the flexibility to stay focused on the patient while having the tools to compete in the ever changing market.

Our Partnership Companies provide the following services:

  • Patient Dental Membership Plan
  • Dental Specific Accounting Services
  • Payroll Solutions
  • 401K olutions
  • Healthcare Insurance Brokering
  • Practice Insurance Solutions (Auto/Home/Liability/Property)
  • Practice Brokering
  • Insurance Fee Negotiation (PPO Adviser)
  • Cyber Security Solutions

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